4×4 one way rental across East African with rooftop tent initiate a traveling incentive that assembles easiness of traveling across the region. The initiative involves 4×4 car rental with a rooftop tent camping components for a dual score of transport and accommodation. On a guided drive or a self-drive, drive through Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with a 4×4 safari customized car rental is an ideal one-way to go.

One way is made easy in the region following the administrative boundary formation of the East African Community (EAC). This strategy of traversing the region on your own desired pace is amassing a wonderful decision to many travelers who are wishing to spend some long days of driving throughout the region.

Rent a 4×4 car with a rooftop tent, then embark on a drive for the region great hunts among which include the Serengeti and Masai Mara wildebeest migration, driving to the remote Kidepo valley savannah plains, trekking the mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda and walk through the suspensions of Nyungwe and great many encounters.

Travelers have scrutinized, noted flicks for information about diverse of this sun setting African region, and remained with pointing out the best way to explore the spot on either a partial or a self-guided exploring plan. Being a freedom space, many car rental companies have come to realized and close the gap through facilitating this escape plan by availing great 4×4 car opportunities.

Meaning of 4×4 One Way Rentals across East Africa with Rooftop Tent Vehicle

Modestly, the 4×4 one way suggests none return route, drive veraciously from your preliminary plug and endure through the designated itinerary. Start your driving journey from towers of Arusha Tanzania cross the Mombasa menu to the bliss of Kampala and complete your journey in the white colas of Kigali city. The vehicle can be collected from one country and dropped to any other country of your request at your departure within the region.

As well having the 4×4 car rental with a rooftop tent on a one way will never burdened by the accelerating accommodation rates. Whenever you’re can be, it can be a spot for your overnight.

Why 4×4 One Way Rentals across East Africa with Rooftop Tent Vehicle

A single tourist visa

Thanks to the East African Community which has worked earnestly to ensure free market throughout the community. The effort has enabled the single tourist visa which allows tourist to have a one regional visa and travel through the 3 countries in the agreement. Don’t get worried of spending much on procuring visas for each country, no! Rather apply for a single East African visa online which allows you enter freely in the 3 countries of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. The single East Africa tourist visa operates for 90 days with a single country entry and costs US$100 ONLY applied for online.


Having a trip fully handled by an operator it seems bigger in terms of Pricing. My recommendation remains encouraging that make a selection of a 4×4 car rental which comes at a discount by default. Not matter the travel class and the vehicle needed for the trip, most of the travelers are always looking out to catching a big fish with as well lighter hooks. The 4×4 one-way car rental with a rooftop a great alternative.  Chop most of the travel costs after hiring a 4×4 safari car rental for the one way with rooftop tent, transfer flight costs chopped, accommodation chopped, tour operators markup chopped and expect great adventure rewards.

Freedom and flexibility

Stay flexible throughout your journey either on a partial guided or a complete self-drive. Can collect a vehicle from the point you desire and simply drop off the car at the final destination other than the right place where you collected the car from provided you let your car rental operators known of where to collect the vehicle from. The flexibility continues in considering terms and conditions, you can drive to anywhere without pressure at the own pace.

Making the 4×4 One Way Rentals across East Africa with Rooftop Tent Vehicle come true consult our team to aid shooting out your traveling impatient.


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