Here below are the things to consider while organizing your Uganda car rental trip;

Plan where to visit when you rent a car. Think about destinations and the type of activities you prefer to do, and then there you will know the countries offering such activities or attractions

Look into your budget and know the number of days you will spend on the vacation, the number of activities you will do and the kind of accommodation.

Think about the kind of car you will hire. This will sometimes depend on the number of people you will travel with, the kind of roads in the destinations where you are going, whether you will use a rooftop tent, ground tent or sleeping in lodges and hotels.

After know the kind of activities you will do, pack what is necessary for those activities like clothes, shoes, jackets, boots, sleeping bags, rain coat, snacks, sun glasses, cape, and etc.

Make sure you have your passport updated, and driving license in case you are going to do self-driving. In case they are not updated, do it before your travel date. Get your visa prior and move with what is needed at the airports like Yellow vaccination cards etc.

Book in advance the car, some activities like gorilla tracking and chimpanzees, Accommodation, to avoid inconveniences and when on the trip, try to keep your permits and other valuables properly.

For information you are not sure of, inquire and then know what you are supposed to do. Hire a car from a reliable company and with good cars to make sure you do not get problems on your dream safari.

Make sure you know how to drive in foreign countries, and what you should know, each country has driving rules, kind of roads and etc. Inquire with the consultant from the company of your rental.

Make sure the country you are going to visit is safe and all what you want to do is possible in the destinations of your choice. Have your itinerary in mind most especially when you will visit more than one country. Plan accordingly.

Drive carefully and avoid over speeding, in the national parks, animals have right of way. Make sure the car have insurance and all what is needed for the car to be on the road in that country.

In case you get any problem on your car rental trip, communicate to the company which hired you the car. They will tell you what to do and help you to solve the problem.

In case you are to go on the camping trip, inform the consultant about the kind of tent you prefer, the capacity, whether you prefer for one person or two. Some cars can have more one rooftop tent. Also the same applies to the ground tent. Mention the number of people in the group to be given enough camping gear.

Ask your car rental company the mode of payment for the car and also if they are to book for you some activities and accommodation, ask what deposit is needed and methods of payment.


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