The invasion of the Chinese nationals in Uganda and on the entire continent, poses a great danger to the African people in the future.

Currently the Chinese are flooding the African continent as though it is a “Chinese immigration relief program”.

Almost all African nations got independence from foreigners less than 100 years ago. Before that colonizers followed the same path the Chinese are following today to get into Africa.

The Africans allowed the foreigners to settle in their nations the same way they are doing to the Chinese. When a reasonable number of the foreigners settled, they colonized the owners of the land.

The rate at which the Chinese are settling in Africa, indicate that there is a possibility that in the next 20 years, there will be more than 600 million Chinese in Africa. With the help of China, which is currently very powerful economically, the number will be large enough to colonize Africa for the second time and with great ease.
But some Africans will argue that Africans are poor and they need help which they are now getting from china.

Then one big question comes, “why abandon the west”? There is no doubt about the concerns of the west regarding the undemocratic practices and human right abuses in most African Nations.

There is also no doubt that the African leaders are fleeing the west to China, to escape the enormous pressure from the west to end the dictatorship, human rights abuses and the rampant corruption which have seen many Africans languish in poverty dying early.

With China’s records of human rights abuses there is no doubt African leaders have found a sanctuary in China, where they can hide their skeletons. The suspicious trend of the Chinese immigration to Africa worries the Human Rights fraternity which is already perplexed by the human rights abuses in China today.

Also scaring is the possibility that all the achievements in Africa in terms of democracy and human rights respect may be reversed by China’s undemocratic policies. The visit of Sudan President Bashir to China despite the indictment by the ICC is a sign of things to come. This alone will promote human rights abuses in Africa, and will also encourage the African leaders’ corruption.

For many years the west continued to give Africa a lot of assistance. The west has also been inviting and hence hosting millions of Africans, who have in return been sustaining the economies of their home countries. It is the reverse now with the Chinese who are being exported to Africa sending back millions of dollars from Africa, most of which is the loan given out to African Nations by China.

The African people have continued to enjoy the green card program from the West. If Africans are denied this privilege today, there will be a very great effect on the African economy and hence a higher increase of unemployment.

It is therefore inappropriate for Africans to embrace the political marriage between their leaders and China and at the same time run to the west to seek help to stop corruption and human rights’ abuses in their Nations.

If nothing is done to stop the influx of the Chinese nationals there is a possibility that dictatorship and corruption will thrive and wars will continue.


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