China has identified Africa as her next area of Strategic and economic interests. An escalating Chinese influence in Africa has created a confounding problem to the United States and her nostalgic European allies. Chinese policy in Africa does not entail the usual democracy, human rights and rule of law as prerequisites to political, military and economic relations.

Chinese relations with Africa and other developing countries predates the 60s during colonial era with the intention of repelling Western Imperialism. After the cold war and the fall of the Soviet Union, China’s policy evolved into trade, Investments and Energy. The policy does well with autocratic and pseudo democracies by acquiescing to individual country’s development requirements and non interference with their internal affairs.

In most cases this model falls in line with the Chinese one- party authoritative state whose sole aim is economic development at whatever cost. In cases like Sudan or Zimbabwe, China is the only way out to the economic perils because of sanctions imposed by Western Countries. This leaves no completion to China and does not accomplish the intended effects. However this policy also sustains repression to some African countries and prolongs dictatorship.

China like others before is in Africa for its own gains mainly oil, minerals, construction and a huge emerging market for its manufactured products. Its up to Africa to define and establish its gains from this relationship. China also wants to secure votes in the United Nations from African countries to stop Taiwan from being independent and farther her global interests. Such interests are not new to Africa or the lest of the world.

No African thinks the Chinese are angles or the panacea to their plight. It is equally patronizing for some in the West purporting to speak for helpless Africans. Africans are too aware that imperialism comes inform of the Eagle, Bear, Crown and now the Dragon. The Europeans have been solely in Africa for more than a century and needless to explain Chinese are better in action and deed.
The Hypocrisy of the West boasting as supporters of democracy, good governance etc, etc……… Is recently manifested by the unfolding crisis in North Africa and the middle east. Its known that some African governments have been toppled by the West and some of their multinationals nationals in Africa Infiltrate host Governments. Recent accusations of Shell Oil company infiltration of Nigerian government ministries is not an act of so called Western supporters of Democracy.

China has a huge appetite for raw materials and hopefully being a former colony herself, should be aware of the consequences of excess imperialism. Africa is acutely aware of foreign Machinations and manipulations from the Chinese and others and does not need former colonizers and enslavers for a savior. There is no friendship between countries just Interests.


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